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Please support our projects.



Erasmus+ is the program of the European Union from 2014 to 2020 dedicated to instruction, formation, youth and sport.

The nursery “Corte Verde” is looking for organizations eligible to achieve together projects related to the following actions:

 -key action 1: mobility for individual learning
This action supports mobility projects in education, formation and youth, offering the opportunity to undertake a learning or professional experience abroad for students, intern, young people, volunteers, teachers, entertainer, instruction/education establishment staff and organizations of civil society.

 -key action 2: cooperation for the innovation and the exchange of good practices
This action supports strategic partnership within instruction, formation and young people among education/formation institution, with partners on a large scale among instruction/formation institutes and the job’s world to promote innovation, exchange of experiences, good practices and know/how between the respective policy areas.

Are you therefore a potentially eligible organization for participation?

Do you have a project proposal that you’d like to share with an Italian partner like us?

Would you like to participate to one of these Key Action? It’s possible to promote innovation and internationalization between educative agencies only making a team.

Contact us. We would be honored.