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The rural nursery “Corte Verde” is subsidized with high school of the province of Mantova and with Italian Universities to allow students to make formative/working experiences at our structure.
This proposal of internship is addressed to future nursery’s professional educator ( social welfare structure – didactic for children from 0 – 3 years ) .
Therefore it is addressed to whom who until now: 

-       Wants to promote the matching and integration between the theoretical acknowledges gained during university course and professional practice.

-       Wants to increase the knowledge of educating context at social units like accredited nurseries and / or company nurseries

-       Wants to develop the planning ability and the analyzing ability on the experience. 

-       Thinks to be suitable to acquire professional skills useful for his future insertion in a work with social background.

The internship experience aims to:

-       Encourage the participation, not only continuous and precise but even emotional and proactive (interaction ability).

-       Encourage the interaction ability with the educational (equip) and auxiliary personnel as well as with young users and theirs parents (communicating and social skills).

-       Improve their theoretical and practical knowledge setting and moving them to the social, cultural and territorial reality in which you work ( institutional and organizational ability and skills )

-       Improve the ability of elaborating, realizing and evaluating educational projects (ability and pedagogical – projectable’s capabilities.

-       Adopt specifics observation and documentation’s tools

Currently the following universities are affiliated:

 -       University of Verona

 -       University of Parma

 -       University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

 Are you an Italian or a foreign student?

Would you like to have an experience of a working / educational internship in our rural - nursery?

Is there already an agreement between your school / University with us? Please contact us or let your institute do it; we will start a dedicated project for you! 

The internship experience will help the development and improvement of communicative – relational, organizational, institutional, pedagogical– projectable, methodological – didactic abilities and skills.

At the rural-nursery “Corte Verde” you can participate to the educational project “Rural– nursery: the nursery in a rural environment “helping the educators that will take the children, during the seasons, to experience the surrounding country and the animals that live there.

At the nursery “ Ape Maia” you can experience an educational and social service of collective interest deeply rooted in the area where it is. 

 You can have lunch in the nursery’s premises.

You can do the internship during August.

You can do the internship in a nursery classificated as rural-nursery.

Are you a graduated student that has already done an experience at our facilities?

Please contact us